About Total Drying
Industrial drying technology is an area which demands an innovative approach to produce solutions which satisfy customers demands.
The problems will not be solved by anything less than a dynamic partnership betweenscientists, technologists and manufacturers.
How can low energy methods be incorporated into the drying process?
How can low noise techniques be applied to high speed flow impact?
How can total moisture removal be achieved on fast moving containers?
How can condensation on cold surfaces be stopped?
How can bacteria spread by air-born moisture droplets be removed?
The project that is currently in place as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Secomak Ltd and the University of Hertfordshire addresses these problems.
If you would like to be involved in any aspect of this work or would like to contribute your views on drying processes and problems please contact us via this blog.
This Partnership received financial support from the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme (KTP). KTP aims to help businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK Knowledge Base. KTP is funded by the Technology Strategy Board along with the other government funding organisations.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Prestigious Award for Secomak

Machinery Excellence from Secomak
The Secomak Tornado has been recognised in the 2009 Machinery of Excellence category at the Starpack Awards. The Starpack Awards is the premier UK annual scheme recognising innovation in packaging design and technology. The judging of the award was based on technical development, sustainability, material interface and innovation in PLC technology.
The Secomak Tornado is a water removal system which sets industrial drying standards by revolutionising the removal of water from food containers and packaging. This innovative product uses the Coanda aerodynamic effect to create powerful blasts of suction from specially profiled Ringjet air amplifiers. The technology has been fully tested in Secomak’s Drying Centre, part of the Sustainable Energy Laboratories at the University of Hertfordshire. The unit incorporates a fully patented coaxial jet system to first displace and then remove bulk water from the ends of containers, especially in the canning process. It has received accolades from users on high speed conveyor lines in the food and drinks industry with energy savings of at least 30% compared with conventional solutions and containment of the removed water for drainage or recycling. Additional energy saving is achieved with a Secomak Airsaver unit which provides intelligent ‘supply on demand’ control. Energy efficiency and low noise operation are key features along with stainless steel construction, low maintenance and ease of fitting. It’s accepted as the most cost-effective solution to water removal to the level required by the can maker’s code. It’s outstanding ‘green’ credentials combine low energy supply levels and total water recycling.
David Dell, Secomak’s Product Development Manager, welcomed the award as an indication of Secomak’s commitment to energy saving products concerned with an innovative approach in drying and water removal.